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Don't let just anyone do your building work for you. With Taylor Garages, you'll only receive the best workmanship and materials.


Expect our expertise from when the foundation is poured until the very last nail is hammered. Our crew will give you amazing results that you'll be proud of.


Quality that can't be beat

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When you need quality building you can trust, look to Taylor Garages. Call: 309-762-0160

You can guarantee we'll only be using the best material and products on your building projects.


All materials are built in our very own plant using materials that have been purchased locally. Our goal is to give you 100% customer satisfaction.


Custom products built locally

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Whether you need a brand new garage, shed, or other building, we have you covered.


Repairs for windows, foundations, structures, and much more are also part of our expertise. Call us now for a FREE estimate.


Servicing the Quad City area.


New construction and repairs

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Be the envy of your neighborhood by adding a great looking garage or driveway to your property!

Add value and gain a great look

When Taylor Garages adds a custom building, concrete work, siding, or new windows to your business or home, you'll not only up the curb appeal of your property but you'll also increase the equity. Call today for a FREE estimate!